DEBRIS GUARD™ installs under the 2nd row of shingles.

Gutter cover systems that slide under the shingles ensure no water has a chance to flow or splash behind the gutter causing water damage to fascia and other areas. The row of shingles the gutter cover system slides under is critical for the lifetime performance of the system. Installing the gutter covers under the 2nd row of shingles allows the covers to maintain the roof line regardless of the roof pitch, which ensures the system will function as designed.

Systems that install only under the 1st row of shingles may not allow you (the installer) to align the cover correctly with the roof pitch. This frequently forms a valley that holds debris and does not allow the system to function as designed. In some cases, water stored in the valley pushes back under the shingles resulting in water damage. The main reason for not going with a system that slides under no shingles is because water splashes. Some of the splashing water will travel between the gutter and fascia which could lead to water damage.
Systems that don't slide under shingles create a vally for debris to collect.

Systems that only install under the first row of shingles create a valley for pine needles, small sticks and other debris!

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customer testimonial 1

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