How Debris Guard™Works

The Simple Design - Eliminates Gutter Clogging Problems

As rain water flows down the roof and onto the gutter cover, the water wraps around the edge of the gutter while the debris continues off the edge of the roof. (It uses the same principle as if you run water over a tilted glass, in your kitchen sink and the water rolls around the glass and flows off the bottom of glass). Because there are only 2 clips per 5 foot section, even if smaller debris follows the water into the gutter, it does not get trapped in the opening (like all the leading products do, which is unsightly, and requies cleaning over time) and is flushed harmlessly down the gutter along with the water.

Compared to almost All of the aluminum gutter cover systems, this feature is a major distinction which reduces and practically eliminates any debris from becoming trapped and clogging the water path into the gutter. That is why the Debris Guard Warranty is so strong; because nobody ever needs to use it.

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customer testimonial 1

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