Single Flush System

Patented DEBRIS GUARD™ is a Single Flush gutter cover system that never clogs. The design of the single flush system only allows debris to discard over the front side of the gutter falling harmlessly away from the gutter system.

Dual Flush systems allow water to flow to the front and back of the gutters. Debris following water flow to the back of the cover will clog the system. Realizing the design flaw, these manufacurers promote a much larger gutter capacity to handle the excess debris entering the gutter. These manufacturers use misleading information in an attempt to convince you the dual flush system does a better job of purging your gutters of debris. It's important to note, the dual flush system comes with an easy to remove cover... Why? As they state themselves. "The easy to remove cover makes it easy to service."

Examples of Dual Flush systems Dual Flush systems often require cleaning.

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customer testimonial 1

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