No-Hassle Installation!
Designed to make installation a breeze! Debris Guard™ gutter covers come out of the box ready to be installed. Thanks to the four design innovations described below, contractors have reported completing jobs in an average of 27% less time than when installing comparable systems.

• 'Quick' Clip Design
This patented design accelerates the installation process of mounting the clip to the gutter and speeds up the time it takes to position and snap the gutter cover onto the's virtually dummy proof. Each clip has pre-punched screw holes dramatically reducing the mounting time. With only 2 clips per 5' section, the cover snaps easily into position for any pitched roof with-out having to make any painful adjustments.
• 'Screw Track'
This simple but extremely helpful feature helps hold the self-tap screw in place while attaching the covers to the roof.
• Pre-Notched Gutter Cover Ends
Eliminates the time wasted cutting notches in each section to allow overlapping, plus picking up all the scraps.
• Interlocking Cover Design
Helps you line up the covers and hold the covers together while you secure them to the roofline, simplifying the installation process.

Easy to read installation instructions in every box!

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customer testimonial 1

customer testimonial 1

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