Material Strength

Debris Guard™ exceeds the industry standard of .025" Gauge. Our 0.027" aluminum ensures that the product won't bend before, during or after installation.

Products using less than .025" Gauge are flimsy and frequently bend before, during, and after installation, and are subject to mild temperature changes. These products tend to have several horizontal creases to strengthen the material during transit and installation. According to the manufacturer, these creases are intentionally designed to evenly disburse water flow. In reality, after installation they become dirt and debris collectors and become unsightly. These covers also need more bracket support to provide more strength. These lighter gauge covers are subject to damage in hailstorms, from falling limbs, when leaning a ladder against them, and from squirrels and other rodents chewing or bending them back to nest or look for food.

Products using .025" gauge aluminum are less likely to bend before, during and after installation. Squirrels and other rodents are unlikely to chew through the heavy-duty aluminum to make a nest or in search of food.

Remember! Debris Guard™ gutter covers are made from .027 in. aluminum, exceeding the industry standard.

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customer testimonial 1

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